A Familiar Shore

A Familiar Shore Large Cover

During the time of the Iron and Clay Empire, a saint who melts the snow with his feet sets out to preach to the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver in A Familiar Shore. His Goliath is poverty and injustice, yet his sling holds only one stone, a minstrel who is a prolific songstress. A poet and florist named Sea, and her daughter Rain, tell of a brush with nature in years of reparation from cancer. Sea chronicles her journey as she meets Raven, a former prostitute, by the sea in Tofino, and a medicine woman of the Stó:lō band, the People of the River.

Emily Isaacson features the woman identity in her art depicting the survival of an ancient people in the Northern Hemisphere. Her storytelling of the sacred circle to preserve the traditions and ways of the four medicines and the four directions includes both free verse and prose poetry. Her palette of postmodern hues etches her lyric and verse into a glorious classical composition, accented by ocean thunder, and with solitude as its rest.

Eventually, the prophets will come to Mission. They will meet the First Nations People in all their ceremony at the longhouse. Will this be a prophetic moment when heaven touches earth? Twelve nations will play a role in this waiting for the healing.


Praise For…

“I took up my favored pen / and the meter of the salt roar, / the splendid gathering of stony shells / and aged driftwood / splashed off the pages…”

This lyrical mythic collection with its motifs of healing and nurturing will transport you to places you have never been, in the company of surprising characters and creatures.

—Violet Nesdoly
Author of Destiny’s Hands



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