Poets In Canada

Emily original Sepia      Emily Isaacson

The Wild Lily Institute was founded in 2005, and is located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. 
The Wild Lily Institute is dedicated to literature, the arts, and medicine, in the tradition and ways of the natural earth, preserving the legacy of Emily Isaacson and her healing modality, nutritional science. 
The furthering of youth through the arts involves creativity. The Institute is first in the creation of postmodern poetry and second in the distribution of literature. We participate in, as well as fund, nutrition research and education for community development. The Institute is engaged in inspiring youth to become guardians of the Sacred Circle, using restorative justice principles. Emily has trained in Restorative Justice in both Mission and Abbotsford, and teaches others on the road of reparation using circle keeping. Emily Isaacson is the author of a children’s book called, Little Bird’s Song which is a rare book in its field about the nature of self-actualization and healing.  Emily Isaacson is also the author of seven poetry books. The collections of the select poetry of Emily Isaacson can be purchased here. To learn more about Emily’s postmodern poetry that shaped the Institute, visit The Clay Road Literature Portal.

Emily Isaacson worked as a professional photographer of British Columbia (PPABC) from 2010-2012. She exhibited in 2010 at the Mission Arts Centre, where she served for three years on the board of directors of the Mission Arts Council. Visit  Voetelle  where she presents her scenic historical landscapes of the Fraser Valley in her many analog exhibits.
To read more about Emily Isaacson and the Institute: click here

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