The Verdict

“I am Raven.

I have embarked on a council
to censure those who
would oppose your nature.
I discern the things of
the wild and their relation to humanity.
I reside in the region of Ucluelet,
where your once fertile reaches
are now savage and encircled
by predators. For where you were once
salty purity, you now suffer pollution.
The grey sea replied,
“Your portion is one of the stars,
and you are guided
by the constellations
named long ago by your forefathers.
Continue in the ways of the natural earth,
for you have clearly and precisely
gathered the evidence to consider
how to protect the creatures
of the sea, the air, and the land
that contains your people.”


Raven could not crown the shore,
so she spoke to tame it instead,
and the sea proved a domain
that was pre-eminent
as the land and sky.
She bent as the water drew back,
and picked up a rainbow-hued mussel shell.
The lucidity of the light,
pouring at that moment from the sky,
made each object of the sea
a presage to be tested.
With renown, has the sea mesmerized
with its creed of humility for generations.
A prophet of the divine,
it poured forth its oratory
of water, of the Queen of Water,
and of the creatures within it.
So I watched the young native woman
as she confronted time and nature
from the paradigm of her humanity
for she had been a prostitute on the streets
in years before.


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